Monday, June 9, 2008

Burrowing owls/ Jimson weed

It's a bit breathtaking to look across the yard and see these in full bloom.
That is what greeted me this morning as I went out to feed.

I have new neighbors and they just got ATV's so out across my back field
they went. After a few times of this I'd had enough and went out to
tell them that I owned that property and I was a bit sensitive about ATV's.
As we were talking out flew the little burrowing owl that lives back in that
field. I pointed it out to them explaining it lived back there and I was a
nature lover. The problem seemed resolved, they apologized and said they
weren't sure where their new property lines were. I was so happy the
little burrowing owl made a show and supported me in my effort to
protect their habitat and my acreage.

This morning I was out digging a hole to plant another grape vine.
I stopped for a moment to rest and turned to see the little burrowing
owl sitting on the water facet. What a treat. Then it flew down on
the ground and watched me digging almost as though it wondered
if I was digging it a burrow. Just a few minutes ago it appeared again
to get more water. I keep water out for the birds. I hope it's not sick.
Maybe it has babies.
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