Sunday, July 8, 2007

Mohave Green at Heidi's house. This snake has been living under her house for who knows how long.She came across it one evening when she was out watering the dogs at the back of the house. She hadn't even noticed it but it was sitting right by the dogs water dish. During the day it slept under the house close to the waterpump. My son-in-law often reaches in there to turn on and off the water pump.

I went over last evening with the camera and we sat out waiting for it to come out from under the house. We could see the head poke out and then it quietly slid out and headed for the front of the house. Heidi sits in the chair many evenings and if we hadn't been watching for it she could have easily been sitting here. Mohaves often strike first than rattle. They are the most deadly rattlesnakes in the US. It has a greenish tint but it is the wide white band by it's rattles that makes it clear this is a mohave green. Diamond backs will have a very narrow white band and wide black band. Mohave greens can be brown or tan like the diamondback. Pretty design on its' skin. Heidi has been calling the fish and game and others who might be concerned but no one came out to move this snake. Sadly my son-in-law had to kill it as it was a threat to their well being . Coming round to the front of the house and where they live made it far more hazardous than living under the house and in the wood pile, where it had been seen for the past week. We felt this may have been a female who was pregnant. The back part of it's body was very thick and swollen compared to the front part of the body. They have live birth.
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